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01 Key Info

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
Price: $800 USD

Length: 8 weeks

  • Mentorship dates: May 5 - June 23

  • Application Deadline: April 20 

  • Acceptance Notification: April 25

  • Payment deadline: April 30

  • Understanding shape language & composition 

  • Understanding how light works with colour 

  • Various colour theories and their implementation   

  • Understanding values and simplification 

  • Grasping other painterly tools, such as edges and brushwork

  • Improve your drawing 

  • Modern industry workflows

  • Exclusive class size; limited to 10 students 

  • 7 weekly live lessons, 3 hours in length 

  • 7 weekly live critiques, 1.5 hours in length 

  • All live sessions recorded, available for future reference

  • Exclusive discussion forum for students 

  • Personal discount code for 50% off Marco Bucci Art Store*
    (*one time use, original art not included)

  • Free audiobook download

02 Application Process

​Limited space available! Maximum course size is 10 students.

Application deadline is April 20, 2021. 

  1. Interested participants must complete the application form, which includes submission of your art portfolio.

  2. Applications will be reviewed based on the level of skill with art fundamentals (i.e. drawing, design, composition, value, edge, color.) I am not looking for experts or pros; rather, I will select students who exhibit a general grasp of the fundamentals, and who I feel are in a good place to begin more rapid development.

  3. All applicants will be contacted with a selection decision by April 25.

  4. Selected applicants will receive an invoice for the full course amount
    (due by April 30)


  5. Participants will receive their course package prior to May 5. 

03 Q&A

  1. What level of skill is required? 
    I will be looking for intermediate-level artists. I define this as students who have some drawing and painting experience and exposure to the fundamentals but are still working on refining them and putting it all together in a professional way. 
    Advanced students may be selected as well, but those with honed professional skills may not be the right fit for the program.

  2. Is your mentorship suitable for a total beginner at art?
    No. The pace and intensity of the program are not designed for pure beginners. This is why I have a portfolio submission requirement (rather than first-come-first-served) so that I can hand-select those who are at the optimal level for this mentorship program.

  3. What if I am not sure what level I am at, but still want to apply?
    I encourage you to apply, and I’ll be happy to review your submission to see if you would be a good fit for the program. 

  4. Can I show you an example of my work to see if I should go ahead with the application?
    Sadly I cannot do additional pre-screenings (other than the selection process itself.) If you are not sure if you’re ready but are still interested, I would simply recommend applying. The worst that can happen is I don’t select you this round, and you can apply again in the future!

  5. If I don’t get in the first time, can I apply again? 

  6. If I apply and don’t get in, will that hurt my chances in a future application?
    Absolutely not!

  7. If I apply and don’t get in, does that mean you don’t think my art is good?
    No. It simply means there were other applicants whose level I felt was more aligned with the target audience of the program. Not getting in is not a reflection of the quality of your work!

  8. Can I include traditional media in my portfolio submission?
    Of course!

  9. I mostly work traditionally - will this mentorship benefit me?
    Yes, but it may be limited. I’ll be targeting digital as a medium specifically, in order to help train students to work in a ubiquitously digital art industry. If you have traditional experience and want to translate it over to digital, then absolutely this mentorship will help!

  10. Why are you only taking 10 students? 
    My teaching experience tells me that 10 is the ideal limit for a classroom, while still allowing each student individual focus and attention. Anything over that, I’ve found, gets a little noisy.

  11. How many pieces should I include in my portfolio?
    As many as you feel lends insight into your current level. There is no minimum/maximum number of pieces allowed, but likely something around 8-10 pieces should be effective. Please DO NOT send layered files or any file native to a specific piece of software (eg. PSD files.) JPGs are preferred. You may also link to your Instagram, Deviant Art, Artstation, or website

  12. Would you rather see characters or backgrounds in my portfolio?
    Both are fine! There is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit, so feel free to include examples of both. This is not a requirement - you may submit only characters or only backgrounds if you so choose.

  13. Is it mandatory to attend the sessions live? 
    No, but if you cannot attend live, it is a requirement that you watch the recordings of both the lessons and critiques.

  14. What will the mentorship prepare me for professionally? 
    It will help train anyone who is interested in working in concept art, illustration, environment design, color key, game design, etc. My aim is to round out students’ painting and art fundamentals broadly. These skills are universal, and can then be hyper-focused on any task related to industry jobs. I should note that assignments will generally be geared toward environments/scenery, rather than character design.

  15. How is payment structured? Can I do installments? 
    Currently there is no option for payment installments. Payment must be sent in full prior to the mentorship starting, in order to confirm your acceptance and participation.

  16. What tools/software do I need to participate? 
    Any digital painting software is fine. I’ll be using Photoshop for my lessons, but nothing I teach or demonstrate will be specific to that software. Live sessions will be hosted on Zoom, and no software (other than your current web browser) is required to join in.

  17. Can I audit the course? 
    There is no audit option at the moment. But in time I will likely release clips of various lessons recorded during the mentorship program, to give future applicants a taste of what goes on.

  18. Will I need a microphone or webcam?
    While you may use them, neither is required.

    Have another question? Feel free to reach out!



Light, Color & Composition: A painting mentorship with Marco Bucci

Start date: May 5, 2021

Expand your art skills!

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