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Sarah. Oil on Board - 24x30"
Jessie. Oil on Board - 20x30"
Model Study. Oil on Board - 8x10"
Bridget & Veronica. Oil on Canvas -
Jaquelynne. Oil on Canvas - 16x20"
Gabriel. Oil on Board - 8x10"
Maneli Jamal. Oil on Board - 11x22"
Leopoldstrasse, Munich. Watercolour.
Park Sunset. Watercolour.
Tor. Watercolour & Gouache.
Munich Afternoon. Watercolour.
Before The Storm, Copenhagen.
Lucerne Walk. Watercolour.
Copenhagen. Watercolour.
Notre Dame, Paris. Watercolour.
Munich Stroll. Watercolour.
Croatia Beach - Watercolour
Europe Studies. Gouache/Watercolour
Prague. Gouache. 3x5"
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